Graduated from the Department of City and Reional Planning at METU in 1967. Received master's degree in 1970. Earned PhD from Massachusetts Institute of Technology. His PhD is on "Distorted and Lower Forms of Capitalist Industrial Production in Underdeveloped Countries: Contemporary Artisan Shops and Workshops in Eskişehir and Gaziantep, Turkey". Has become associate professor in 1986 and professor in 1993. In 1967, took part in the master planning studies for Adana at Berksan &Topaloğlu Associate Architects and Planners Bureau. Between 1967-1968 worked at "Bureau d'Etudes et de Realizations Urbaines" (Paris) in Bassin Miniere Regional Planning Project. In 1969, worked at the Ministry of Construction and Resettlement. In 1971, took part in Çorum Binevler Housing Project conducted by A. & B. Çinici Associate Arhitects Bureau. Between 1989–1995 worked as the Director of Planning and Construction at the Greater Municipality of Ankara. During these years conducted "Old Ankara", "Unified Ankara", "New Ankara", "Green Ankara" and "Beautiful Ankara" projects. In 1987, won first prize from "Planning of the Historical City Center of Ankara: Ulus Project Competition". Worked in the projects of United Nations and World Bank in Algeria, Afghanistan, Vietnam and China. Prepared urban planning expert reports on "Evaluating Post-Disaster Urban Reconstruction Capabilities of Afghanistan", "Post-disaster Reconstruction Planning in El-Asnam (Chlef-Algeria)" and "Rehabilitation of the Casbah of Algiers (Algiers-Algeria)". Conducted Gallipoli Peninsula Peace Park International Ideas and Design Competition Project. Worked as the Chairman of the Central Anatolian Regional Board for the Conservation of Natural and Historical Monuments. Took part in numerous research and implementation projects on petty production in industry, migration and employment, gecekondu and historical conservation.

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