Studied architecture at the Technical University of Istanbul, Faculty of Architecture. In 1947, graduated as architect-engineer. Worked at the Ministry of Public Works, Technical Committee of Urbanism; served as the head of the committee in 1955. Received master’s degree in urban planning at the University of Pennsylvania.  Worked at the Ministry of Construction and Resettlement. During this period, prepared numbers of city plans. In 1961, entered to METU as full-time instructor. Took part in the establshment of the Department of City and Regional Planning. Between 1962-1968, served as the chairperson of the department and in 1968 as the dean of the Faculty of Architecture. Has become associate professor in 1968 and professor in 1973. Took part in the establishment Faculty of Fine Arts at Ege University and served as the first dean of the faculty. Played  a leading role in the  establishment  of the city  and  regional  planning departments at the Dokuz Eylül University and the Institute of Higher Technology. Played major role in the institutionalization of the city and regional planning education in Turkey. After having retired from the university, conducted important researches. As the outcomes of these researches, in the year 2000 the book titled “19. Yüzyılda İzmir’de Yaşam” [Life in İzmir in the 19thCentury], in 2005 “19. Yüzyılda İzmir’de Sağlık Sorunları ve Yaşam” [Health Problems and Life in 19thCentury] and in 2011 “19. Yüzyılda İzmir’de Doğal Afetler” [Natural Disasters in İzmir in 19thCentury] and “19. Yüzyılda İzmir Kenti” [The City of İzmir in 19thCentury] were published.

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