Graduated from the Department of Architecture at Technical University of İstanbul, in 1955. Between 1957-1959 worked at "Azot Sanayii T.A.Ş İnşaat Müdürlüğü". Between 1959-1961, worked as the member of Technical Committee at the Ministry of Construction and Resettlement. Between 1961-1965, worked at the well-known architect and urban planner Luigi Piccinato's office . Took part in the master planning studies of numerous Italian cities. Completed his graduate study at the Institute of Urbanism in the Faculty of Architecture at University of Rome in 1963. Between 1965-1967, served as the Head of the Ministry of Construction and Resettlement, General Directorate of Planning, Technical Committee. Between 1967-1968 served as the Head of the Ministry of Construction and Resettlement, Regional Planning Bureau, Technical Committee. Between 1968-1984, served as the Head of the Ankara Metropolitan Master Plan Bureau. In the second half of the 1970s Master Plan Bureau prepared New Settlements Project (Ankara/Sincan/Eryaman). Served as the Head of ISOCARP (International Association of City and Regional Planners) between 1993-1998. In 1998, organized the ISOCARP Congress about "Coastal Area Management: Integrating Environmental Objectives into Regional Planning" in Antalya. Starting from 1986, taught courses in the Department of City and Regional Planning at METU as a part-time instructor. Won prizes from numerous national and international urban planning and design project competitions.

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