Received bachelors degree from the Department of Architecture at Technical University of Istanbul (1944-1949), studied urban planning at Harward University (1951-1952). Received master’s degree in urban planning from Harward University in 1956. Worked in major planning institutions in USA on metropolitan planning. Served as the Head of the Regional Planning Bureau in the Ministry of Construction and Resettlement that has established in 1957. Entered METU as full-time instructor in 1960. He is the first Chairperson of the METU Department of City and Regional Planning. Took part in the organizing committee of National Physical Planning Seminar held in 1968.  He was among the founding members of the Chamber of City Planners and became the first member of the Chamber. Played major leading roles in defining the framework of Municipal Socialism in 1970s in Turkey. Prepared developmet plans for numerous cities in Turkey after having left the academic life.

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