June 1, 2021 / Tuesday / 12:30 PM

Feridun Duyguluer

Topic: A Positive Approach to Irregularity in Urban Design


Between planning and architecture, urban design has a process of self development. When this "in-betweenness" is evaluated according to the information and documents compiled from municipal practices, we reach an important data. A "process indefinition" is very striking in the context of managing urban design projects. Can a "new" track be adopted without incorporating urban design issues into the legislative framework? Do the concepts, processes and management styles included in the analyzes made within the scope of 90 municipalities constitute a "mess"? Or could these findings lead us to different professional acceptances? The search for a positive answer to these questions within the framework of governance was examined with an online presentation held within the scope of our department.



Feridun Duyguluer

As a 1974 graduate of METU and a Senior City and Regional Planner, he retired in 2012 after working in the Ministry of Development and Settlement, Public Works and Settlement and finally the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization. He has been working as a part-time lecturer at METU City Planning Department since 1994, and he also continues to teach at two different universities. In addition to his experience and studies in urban planning, zoning, design and law, he has research interests in tourism and professional qualifications.



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