Agora is a platform where ideas are discussed, people come together for collective sharing together with cultural and social activities. The place, which formed the center of the city in ancient Greece, hosted new ideas, discussion environments and intellectual development with daily life practices. AGORA Planning Students Meeting aims to be a meeting place that aims to think together on issues related to the city and planning, to produce common ideas, designs, projects and strategies, and to realize them in a common sharing environment. Anyone interested in city and planning is invited to Agora!

AGORA Planning Students Meeting, which will be held for the first time this year by Middle East Technical University Faculty of Architecture and the Department of City and Regional Planning, will take place on 22 - 23 June 2023 with the theme of "City + Resilience", and will focus on the situation of planning and planning education in the increasingly complex urban patterns in the 21st century, and the contemporary approach to spatial and social developments. Kahramanmaraş-centered earthquakes, which caused widespread destruction in eleven cities on February 6, 2023, made it necessary to revisit the resilience of our cities against disasters and other stress factors. Constructing cities that ensure safety, health and well-being against the risks posed by climate change and disasters (earthquakes, floods, fires, epidemics, etc.), ensuring participation in decision-making processes in order to increase relations between stakeholders and social resilience, and the formation of resilient cities are the fields for the city planning profession and education to revisit and create new ideas about. This year, with the theme of "resilience", AGORA Planning Students Meeting aims to work within a spatial and legal-administrative framework on cities to become more resilient by reducing their vulnerability against increasing risks and stresses. During the meeting which will last for two days, workshops, forums, panels, open chair and presentations will be held during which earthquakes and disasters, the future of the planning, planning education and practices in planning will be discussed. Urban.Koop, AnkaraAks, Step being in the lead, initiatives working on place will carry out workshops which address the theme of "resilient cities" with their own interpretations. The workshops will last for two days in a studio/atelier format and the outputs will be shared in joint panels. Agora is open to all undergraduate and graduate students who think and produce in the field of the urban and planning.


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