SUSTAINABLE GREEN URBANISM: Envisioning New Agents for Planning and Designing Sustainable Green Spaces in Ankara

Editors: Müge Akkar Ercan, Yağmur Erişen, İrem Duygu Tiryaki

The world is struggling with several crises due to the growing population, consumption, production, migration and urbanism, environmental degradation, global warming, biodiversity loss, sprawling land consumption patterns, and the emerging COVID-19. The protection of natural resources and environments has become more important in saving our Planet to provide a much better future for new generations. Cities must play critical roles in finding new, alterna­tive sustainable and nature-friendly solutions to tackle these problems. Sustainable Green Urbanism (SGU) captures the environmental dimension of urban sustainability. Sustainable Green Urbanism: Envisioning New Agents for Planning and Designing Sustainable Spaces in Ankara is the outcome of collaborative endeavours of studio critics and students of Urban Design Master Studio II held in the Master of Urban Design of the Department of City and Regional Planning at Middle East Technical University. It includes urban design research and projects on the Çayyolu district in Ankara under the post-pandemic conditions via online platforms and dialogues.

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10/05/2022 - 11:56