Address:    Department of City and Regional Planning, Room: 52-B, Middle East Technical University, Ankara, Turkey

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PhD                  Urbanism

                         Delft University of Technology (2013)

MSc                 Urban Design

                         Middle East Technical University (2004)

BCP                 City and Regional Planning

                         Middle East Technical University (2001)


Research Interests: Physical planning and design, urban morphology, urban design theory and method, design thinking in urbanism, generative urbanism


Taught Courses

CRP101 Basic Design and Planning Studio I

CRP102 Basic Design and Planning Studio II

UD501 Urban Design Studio I

UD501 Urban Design Studio II

UD555 Parametric Urban Design I

UD556 Parametric Urban Design II

CRP214 Creative Thinking for Planners

CRP355 Collective Housing Planning and Design




Urban Compactness: A Study of Ankara Urban Form, 2009, Saarbrücken: VDM Verlag Dr. Muller Aktiengesellschaft & Co. KGV


Book Chapters

Exploring the Temporal Dimension of Urban Design Thinking, in The Routledge Handbook of Urban Design Research Methods, (Eds.) H. Kamalipour, P. Aelbrecht, N. Peimani, Routledge: New York and Oxon (with E. Stolk)

Pattern Formation in Planned Urban Peripheries: A  Typomorphological Approach for Design, URBANISM PhD Research 2008-2010 (ed. F. D. van der Hoeven) , IOS Press BV: the Netherlands, 2009, pp. 40-63

Nanos Gigantum Humeris Insidentes: The New Challenges for Future, CATALOUGUE.01: METU Master of Urban Design 1996-2016 (ed. O. Caliskan), October 2016, METU Faculty of Architecture (with D. Cihanger), pp. 29-41


Edited Books

Üretken Kentler İçin: ENDÜSTRİ, MEKANSAL PLANLAMA ve TASARIM | INDUSTRY, SPATIAL PLANNING and DESIGN for Productive Cities , November 2023, İdealkent Yayınları: Ankara, (with E. Çağlar)

Çatışma, Planlama ve Tasarım | Conflict, Planning and Design, 2018, METU Faculty of Architecture 

Designing Urban Design: Towards a Holistic Perspective [METUDSYMP2016 Proceedings], November 2017, METU Faculty of Architecture (with E. Efeoğlu)

CATALOUGUE.01: METU Master of Urban Design 1996-2016, October 2016, METU Faculty of Architecture


Edited Journals

Urban Form and Liveability, Built Environment 48(3), October 2022, (with E. Şevik)

Urban Morphology and Design, Built Environment 37(4), December 2011, (with S. Marshall)


Journal Papers

Typological diversity and morphological continuity in the modern residential fabric: the case of Ankara, Turkey, Habitat International, 2023, forthcoming. (with N. Parlak Temizel, M. Akay, B. Mashhoodi). DOI:

Urban Form and Liveability: Towards a Socio-Morphological Perspective, Built Environment 48(3), 2022, pp. 301-316 (with E. Şevik). DOI:

Coexistence in Space: Stimulating Encounter in the Socially Fragmented Open Urban Fabrics, Built Environment 48(3), 2022, pp. 364-392 (with E. Şevik). DOI:

Morphological indicators of the building fabric: Towards a Metric Typomorphology, Journal of Urbanism: International Research on Placemaking and Urban Sustainability, 2022, (with B. Mashhoodi and M. Akay). DOI: 

Pluralist Production of Urban Form: Towards A Parametric Development Control for Unity in Diversity, Journal of Urban Design 27(5), 2022, 563-588 (with Y.B. Barut). DOI:

Parametric Urban Design Thinking: Shared Patterns in Design by Algorithm and Design by Drawing, Journal of Planning Education and Research, 2021, (with Y. B. Barut and G.Ongun). DOI:

Mural As Public Art in Urban Fabric: An Attempt to Link Configurational Approach to Perceptual Morphology, Journal of Design for Resilience in Architecture and Planning 2 (Special Issue), 147–170, 2021 (with C. Demir Türközü). DOI:

Imagineering: A Model Approach for Futuristic Design Thinking in Urbanism, Urban Design and Planning 173(1), 2020,  pp. 16–33 (with O. Tümtürk and I. Yavuz). DOI:

Designing the Heterotopia: From Social Ideology to Spatial Morphology, Urban Design International 25, 2020, pp. 30–52  (with D. Cihanger Ribeiro and  O. Tümtürk). DOI:

Parametric Design in Urbanism: A Critical Reflection, Planning Practice and Research, 32(4), 2017, pp. 417-443. DOI:

Urban Coherence: A Morphological Definition, Urban Morphology, 21(2), 2017, pp. 123–41. DOI:

How Urban Designers Perform: An International Perspective On Actual Practice, METU Journal of Faculty of Architecture  (32:1), 2015/1, pp.  229-259. DOI:   

Design Thinking in Urbanism: Learning from the Designers, Urban Design International 17, Winter 2012, pp. 272-296. DOI:

Motionscape: The Image of Space in Motion (An Attempt at Conceptualization in the Case of Ankara), Journal of Architectural and Planning Research 28(4), Winter 2011, pp. 314-35.

Urban Morphology and Design: Introduction, Built Environment 37(4), December 2011, (with S. Marshall), pp. 381-92.

A Joint Framework for Urban Morphology and Design, Built Environment 37(4), December 2011, (with S. Marshall), pp. 409-26.

Urban Gateway: Just a symbol, or more? (Re-appraising an Old Idea in the Case of Ankara), Journal of Urban Design15, Number 1, February 2010, pp. 91-122. DOI:

Changing Perspectives on the Planning of Ankara (1924-2007) and Lessons for a New Master-Planning Approach to Developing Cities, FOOTPRINT Delft School of Design Journal 5, Autumn 2009, pp. 23-53. DOI:

Virtual Space as a Public Sphere: Rethinking the Political and Professional Agenda of Spatial Planning and Design, (2006) METU Journal of Faculty of Architecture 23(2.), pp. 1-20, with Adnan Barlas.

Book Reviews

Grand Urban Rules (by A. Lehnerer, 2009) Journal of Urban Design, 2012, Vol. 17 No. 1, pp. 160-61

Urban Paleontology: Evolution of Urban Forms (by M. Tang, D. Yang, 2008), Urban Morphology, 2010, Vol. 14 No.1, pp. 75-76 


Conference Papers

Rethinking on the Peripheral Urban Formations in a Semi-Peripheral Country: the City of Ankara, the Capital of Turkey, the 4th International Seminar on Urbanism and Urbanization The European Tradition in Urbanism and its Future, 24-26 September 2007, TU Delft: the Netherlands, pp. 223-231


Membership of Editorial Boards 

Urban Design and Planning

Built Environment

METU Journal of The Faculty of Architecture


Thesis Supervision

Demirezen, S. (2023) Morphology in design: utilization and (re)production of morphological knowledge through urban design competitions, MSc Thesis, METU: Ankara

Tufan, A. (2022) Mapping in urbanism: the role of maps and mapping in urban design thinking, MSc Thesis, METU: Ankara

Sönmez, B. (2022) Collage in urban design: a critical review of design thinking, MSc Thesis, METU: Ankara

Falak, H. (2022) Urban collision: an analysis of the built form in the case of Islamabad and Rawalpindi, Pakistan, MSc Thesis, METU: Ankara

Shurdhi, S. (2022) Coherency of urban space: analyzing the street environments, MSc Thesis, METU: Ankara

Cengu, S. (2021) Visibility-based assessment of urban form: an alternative perspective for the residential development in urban peripheries, MSc Thesis, Bilkent University: Ankara (with Assoc. Prof. Dr. B. Batuman)

Kar, Z.E. (2021) A generative typology for critical regionalism: an urban design perspective, MSc Thesis, METU: Ankara

İnce, B. (2021) Urban stigma: A morphological investigation of the marginality in the city, MSc Thesis, METU: Ankara

Demir, C. (2019)  Public art in urban space: the case of Yeldeğirmeni, İstanbul, MSc Thesis, METU: Ankara

Koçer, Ç. (2019) Scale in urban design: the notion of scale in spatial design thinking, MSc Thesis, METU: Ankara

Akay, M. (2019) Algorithmic design control for plot–based urbanism: a model proposal in Turkish spatial planning context, MSc Thesis, METU: Ankara

Arslanoğlu, U. (2019) The role of spatial designer in the prestigious housing projects: the case of Ankara, MSc Thesis, METU: Ankara

Abbasi, M. (2019) Social implications of the modernist urbanism: Islamabad master plan by Doxiadis, MSc Thesis, METU: Ankara

Sakar, B. (2018) Parametric modelling for the mitigation of urban heat island effect: a model proposal, MSc Thesis, METU: Ankara

Erkan, R. (2018) Design problematique of paired border cities, MSc Thesis, METU: Ankara

Şevik, E. (2018) Territoriality of heterotopia:threshold as a condition of heterotopian space in the case of Emek district, Bursa, MSc Thesis, METU: Ankara

Efeoğlu, H. E. (2018) Futurist thinking in urbanısm: a retrospective & prospective view in the global context of transforming socio-economic structures, MSc Thesis, METU: Ankara

Tümtürk, O. (2018) Designing (with) complexity: improving adaptıve capacity of urban form by design, MSc Thesis, METU: Ankara

İplikçi, E. (2018) Moving-image as a means of reading the rhythms in the urban scene: the case of ‘city symphonies’, MSc Thesis, METU: Ankara (with Prof. Dr. Bahar Gedikli)

Akman, S. D. (2017) `Parametric landscape urbanism`: a model proposal for operational framework, MSc Thesis, METU: Ankara

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