The results of the TUPOB Graduation Projects Competition of the City and Regional Planning Students 2023 have been announced. Students of our department are deemed for the first prize, and also received an equivalent honorable mention. The awarded projects are exhibited within the scope of the Colloquium of the World Urbanism Day between 8-10 November 2023 at Ankara Gençlik Parkı.

Details of the competition, the posters and reports of the projects can be found on the following link TUPOB:


First Prize | Erva Dilara Toprak & Selin Gündoğar & Zeynep Namlıkaya (Middle East Technical University)

Poster I Poster II

Report of the Project

Equivalent Honorable Mention | Cansu Tanrıverdi & Tuğba Yıldırım & Emine Elif Çiçek (Middle East Technical University)

Poster I

Poster II

Report of the Project 


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