9 February, 2021 / Tuesday / 12:30 PM

Zehra Yaşın

Topic: Environmental Studies and Research Facilities in the field of Social Sciences in Turkey


As part of the 20th Tuesday Talks, Zehra Yaşın (Dr.), working as an expert in Ankara Development Agency, gave a presentation titled "Environmental Studies and Research Opportunities in Social Sciences in Turkey" online.



Zehra Yaşın

After completing her doctoral studies at SUNY Binghamton Department of Sociology in 2014, she worked as an expert at Ankara Development Agency. Her main interests include historical sociology, environmental sociology, political ecology and social theory. She has conducted research studies on the construction of oil commodity ranges in the context of Mosul in the Middle East, the socio-ecology of oil and the historical sociology of nation-state building, and more recently on environmental movements in Turkey. She has publications in the Journal of Historical Sociology and in the Journal of Peasant Studies.


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