Envisioning New Agents for Planning and Designing Sustainable Spaces


This book aims to investigate how sustainability of urban and rural spaces can be attained with multi-scalar, multi-dimensional and multi-stakeholders viewpoints. Also, it seeks to explore new ways of living and developing sustainable urban and rural systems and practices, i.e., sustainable living, working, making public and private spaces by integrating sustainable tourism, conservation and regeneration of spaces. Employing an agent-based design approach, this book shows how these aims and attempts can be achieved by planning and design of urban and rural space. The research and design team of the book from the Master Program in Urban Design at Middle East Technical University seek to learn, think about and find the ways and possibilities to develop and sometimes invent the tools to attain a higher degree of sustainability via urban design research and projects on Göreme in Cappadocia that is a small but a very precious and inspiring town in Turkey with its fascinating urban, historical and cultural heritage and natural landscape.


Editor: Müge Akkar Ercan

Contributors: Müge Akkar Ercan, Selen Karadoğan, Ekin Güneş Şanlı, Sena Temurer, Gizem Demirkol, Yağmur Erişen, Göksun Yıldırım, Esra Gürel, Hareem Falak, Hadeel Abuzaid, Yağmur Aşçı, Aybüke Tufan, Büşra Sönmez

2020, Idealkent Yayınları, ADAMOR


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