Ankara Urbanism Biennial will take place between November 13-26, 2023 with the theme of "Together in the Urban: Contemporary investigations for public space". The Biennial aims to contribute to the visibility of the intellectual, artistic and social capacities of the city of Ankara and Turkey in the context of Planning, Architecture and Design in a local and global context. The biennial, which will host many events such as urban talks, workshops, panels, street theater and dance shows, is divided into 4 categories:

Thinking, talking and problem solving together in the city

Recreation together in the city

Culture and art together in the city

Producing and learning together in the city


Organized in collaboration with İlhan Tekeli Foundation of Urbanization Culture, Ankara Chamber of Commerce, T.R. Ankara Metropolitan Municipality and Ankara City Council, the detialed program of the biennial can be found on


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