Minor Program in City and Regional Planning

City Planning is closely interrelated with a wide range of disciplines and fields of knowledge, extending from engineering sciences to sociology, history, architecture, law, economics, and political sciences. The Minor Program in City Planning aims to familiarize students from other but related disciplines with the idea of planning and to equip them with a degree of sensitivity towards urban related issues.

The program is, in principle, open to all students from any department of METU and consists of two must courses and four electives to be chosen from the following lists of courses. Successful completion of these courses grants students with a Minor Diploma in City Planning, but does not entitle them to the right to exercise the profession.


* Starting from 2017-2018 Spring Semester City Planning Minor Program has been changed as follows.


List of Must Courses:

[2 (two) courses should be completed]

CRP 111 Introduction to City and Planning (FALL)

CRP 213 The City in History (FALL)

CRP 242 Urban Geography (SPRING)

CRP 372 Planning Theory (SPRING)


List of Elective Courses:

[4 (four) courses should be completed]

CRP 241 Urban Transport Planning (FALL)

CRP 333 Introduction to Urban Design (FALL)

CRP 334 Movement and Issues in Urban Space Design (SPRING)

CRP 341 Urban Economics (FALL)

CRP 370 Principles of Housing (FALL)

CRP 382 Legal and Administrative Aspects of Planning (FALL)

CRP 403 Urban Conservation Planning (FALL)

CRP 404 Contemporary Issues in City and Regional Planning (SPRING)

CRP 407 Principles and Approaches of Ecology in Planning (SPRING)

CRP 409 Urban Politics (FALL)

CRP 478 Urban Residential Formation and Change in Turkish Cities (FALL)

CRP 486 Urban Regeneration: Strategies, Policies, Organization and Design (SPRING)

CRP 495 Urban Political Analysis (FALL)

CRP 499 Seminar in Selected Urban Political Issues (SPRING)


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**For your course loads and information related with our minor program please consult with Minor Program Coordinator, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Meltem Şenol Balaban (mbalaban@metu.edu.tr), Room number: 322 at Annex Building, Faculty of Architecture.