Olgu ÇALIŞKAN, Assist. Prof. Dr.

Address: Department of City and Regional Planning, Room 73
                   Middle East Technical University, Ankara, Turkey

Phone:  +90 312 210 22 06
Fax: + 90 312 210 79 65

E-Mail: olgu@metu.edu.tr
URL: http://team.bk.tudelft.nl/caliskan



B.Sc., CRP, Middle East Technical University (2001)
M.Sc., UD, Middle East Technical University (2004)

Ph.D. in Urbanism, Delft University of Technology (2013)

Taught Courses:

CRP101 Planning Studio I

UD501 Urban Design Studio I

Research interests:

Physical planning and design, urban morphology, urban design theory and method, visualisation in urbanism


Selected Publications:




Urban Compactness: A Study of Ankara Urban Form, 2009, VDM Verlag Dr. Muller Aktiengesellschaft & Co. KGV 


Edited Journal:


Urban Morphology and Design, Built Environment 37(4),  December 2011 (with S. Marshall)


Kenti Tasarlamak / Designing the City- PLANLAMA –Planning- 2005/3, the periodical of The Chamber of City Planners in Turkey


‘Yeni Ufuklara: Kentler (New Horizons: Cities), Bilim ve Teknik Dergisi eki -special issue of the Journal of Science and Technology-, with G. Tankut, T. Levent and F. Zorlu,, January 2002


Book Chapters:


Pattern Formation in Planned Urban Peripheries: A  Typomorphological Approach for Design, at URBANISM PhD Research 2008-2010 (ed. F. D. van der Hoeven) , IOS Press BV: the Netherlands, 2009, pp. 40-63 


Journal Papers:


Design Thinking in Urbanism: Learning from the Designers, Urban Design International 17, Winter 2012, pp. 272-296


Motionscape: The Image of Space in Motion (An Attempt at Conceptualization in the Case of Ankara), Journal of Architectural and Planning Research 28(4), Winter 2011, pp. 314-35


Urban Morphology and Design: Introduction, Built Environment 37(4), (with S. Marshall), pp. 381-92


A Joint Framework for Urban Morphology and Design, Built Environment 37(4), December 2011, (with S. Marshall), pp. 409-26


Urban Gateway: Just a symbol, or more? (Re-appraising an Old Idea in the Case of Ankara), Journal of Urban Design 15, Number 1, February 2010


Changing Perspectives on the Planning of Ankara (1924-2007) and Lessons for a New Master-Planning Approach to Developing Cities, FOOTPRINT Delft School of Design Journal 5, Autumn 2009, pp. 23-53


“Virtual Space as a Public Sphere: Rethinking the Political and Professional Agenda of Spatial Planning and Design”, (2006) METU Journal of Faculty of Architecture 23(2.),  pp. 1-20, with Adnan Barlas