Ali TÜREL, Prof. Dr.

Address: Department of City and Regional Planning
Middle East Technical University, Ankara, Turkey

Phone: + 90 312 210 22 04
Fax: + 90 312 210 79 65

E-Mail: turel@arch.metu.edu.tr



B.Sc., CP, Middle East Technical University
M.Sc., CP, Middle East Technical University
Ph.D., London School of Economics

Taught Courses:


CRP471 Principles of Housing

CRP401 Planning Studio VII

CRP402 Planning Studio VIII

CP537 Urban Property Development and Planning

CP530 Topics in Planning Economics

Research interests: Housing Economics and Policy, Urban Transport, Urban Development and Planning Issues


Selected Publications:


“The Evaluation of Different Processes of Spatial Development from a Resilience Perspective in Istanbul”, written by Ayda Eraydın, Ali Türel, Deniz Altay Kaya; in Resilience Thinking in Urban Planning, Eds. Ayda Eraydın, Tuna Taşan-Kok, Springer, 2013.

“Evaluating the Functional Utility Characteristics of Office Buildings: A Case Study of the Office Market in Ankara, Turkey” written by Eda Ustaoglu, Ali Türel, Alper Güzel, , Journal of Real Estate Literature, Vol 21, No. 1, pp. 79-103, 2013.


“Türkiye’de Serbest Piyasa Koşullarında Konut Üretimi” (Housing Production in Turkey Under Free (Less Regulated) Market Conditions) (2011); Paper Submitted at the Panel of Keynote Addresses of the Second National Housing Congress in Turkey, Istanbul, Published in the Conference Book, by the Housing Development Administration.


Foreign Capital and Istanbul: Foreign Capital Firms in Istanbul and Their Opinions About this City” (with A. Eraydın, E. Babalık Sutcliffe and B. Gedikli),  in Gecekondu, Dönüşüm, Kent, (Squatter Housing, Transformations and the City),  Faculty of Architecture of the Middle East Technical University Publications, Ankara, Turkey, 2008.


“The Relationship between the Variation of Housing Output and Land Supply in Turkish Provinces (with H. Koç), in Gecekondu, Dönüşüm, Kent, (Squatter Housing, Transformations and the City),  Faculty of Architecture of the Middle East Technical University Publications, Ankara, Turkey, 2008.


“Turkey’s Housing Cooperative Sector”, Habitat Debate, Vol: 9, No: 1, Publisher: UN-HABITAT, April 2003.

"The Contribution of Housing Cooperatives to Housing Provision in Turkey", Report of Colloquium on Contribution of the Cooperative Sector to Housing Development, Ed. by. Ali Turel, Inge Jensen and Selman Erguden, Published by UN-HABITAT, UNECE, ICA, HDA, TURKKONUT; Nairobi, Geneva and Ankara, 2002.


"Housing Provision in Istanbul: Dominance of Unauthorised Housebuilding", Conference Proceedings in CD, Housing Cultures - Convergence and Diversity, ENHR 2002 Vienna Conference, 1-5 June 2002, University of Vienna, Austria.


"The State of World Cities - 2001", (One of the writers, editors and technical analysts), United Nations Centre for Human Settlements (Habitat) Publications, 2001, Nairobi, Kenya.

"Housing Finance in Turkey During the Last Decade', in European Housing Finance: Single Market or Mosaic? Editors: Will Bartlett, Glen Bramley, University of Bristol. School for Advanced Urban Studies publications.1994


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"Spatial Differentiation of Housing Prices in Ankara" (In Turkish) Journal of the Faculty of Architecture. Middle East Technical University, Vol.7, No: 1 pp.97-109; Spring 1981.