Master of Urban Design

Urban Design Graduate Program


Graduate School of Natural and Applied Sciences




Urban design deals with the urban macroform at the macro-scale, with the formation and shaping of various pieces of urban land at the meso-scale, and with all buildings and spaces between them at the micro-scale. It also deals with the design and construction of urban

elements, while providing necessary inputs to different designers to help them design under a common language within the framework of larger pieces of urban land the development of which is spread over time.


The Graduate Program in Urban design aims at educating students who have a background in city planning, architecture and other related disciplines and who are interested in the subject. The main objectives of the program are to develop the theoretical frameworks which will generate those structures related to form, identity and action at all scales of the city; develop new design languages and techniques; and equip those interested professionals of related fields with the skills and knowledge about the use of administrative, legal and fiscal tools with reference to real world situations.


Urban Design Graduate Program is completed in four semesters (two years). In the first two semesters, applied and theoretical courses are offered. In the following two semesters, it is expected from the student to work on a master’s thesis under the supervision of his/her thesis advisor.


Research Fields


Public-Private Space Design, Urban Renewal/Rehabilitation/ Regeneration and Transformation, Urban Aesthetics, Urban Morphology, Sustainability, Urban History and Space, Nature and Urban Space Design, Urban Conservation, Man-Environment Relationships, Urban Image and Identity, Computer Aided Urban Design




First Semester


UD 501 Urban Design Studio I (4-8)8

Elective (3-0)3

Elective (3-0)3

Elective (3-0)3


Second Semester


UD 502 Urban Design Studio II (4-8)8

Elective (3-0)3

Elective (3-0)3

Elective (3-0)3

CP 570 Thesis Seminar NC


Third Semester


UD 500 M.C.P. Thesis (Urban Design) NC


Fourth Semester


UD 500 M.C.P. Thesis (Urban Design) NC


Total minimum credit: 34

Number of courses with credit (min): 8


Content of the Courses


Courses offered in the Urban Design Graduate Program are related to both theory and practice, and can be considered within four frameworks of analysis. Keywords that pertain to these frameworks are as follows:


1. Mass-Space Relationships:

Design Approaches, Design Values, Design Philosophy, Design Criteria, Time-Space, Aesthetics, Visual Structure, Measurement, Scale, Color, Spatial Structure, Language, etc.


2. Pyscho-Social Systems:

Environment, Behavior, Meaning, Image, Place, Perception, Cognition, Identity, Personality, Value, Sociality-Privacy, Border, etc.


3. Bio-Physical Systems:

Comfort, Orientation, Hygiene, Security, Protection, Pollution, Ecology, Accessibility, Sustainability, Passive Energy Systems Design etc.


4. Process of Realization:

Planned-Adhoc, Social Production of Space, Participation, Legal Framework, Socio-Political Structure of Space, Fiscal Analysis, Real-Estate Economics, Design Process, Landownership, Infrastructure, Structure of Local Administration, Design Guide, Concept of Public and Private, etc.


Students will be able to specialize under the mentioned sub-topics of urban design. Meanwhile, one of the main objectives of the Program is to develop computer- aided design skills. In this context, computers are used to produce two and three dimensional presentation techniques and develop new graphical languages.


Graduates’ Professions and Places of Work


Ministry of Culture and Tourism

Ministry of Environment and Urbanism

Local Governments

Planning Offices

Urban Design Offices

Architecture Offices

Real Estate Assessment Agencies

Year of Commencement: 1998-1999 Academic Year

Total Number of Students Graduated - 2013: 120


Application Requirements


Candidates should have;


1- Min. 70 METU EPE Result,

2- Min. 60 ALES (Quantitative) (Check fbe.metu.edu.tr for ALES-GRE (old/new) conversion chart),

3- Min. 2.5  in B.S. CGPA,

4- 2 Reference Letters,

5- Letter of intention (included in the online form),

6- Portfolio (studies carried out during BSc, etc.),

7- Interview,

8- B.S. or M.S. degree and at least one of these degrees should be in City and Regional Planning Department (CRP) or in related tracks of CRP


Successes of the Program


Since its commencement Urban Design Graduate Program has not only graduated more than hundred students but also had a share in the development of important realized projects. Middle East Technical University Technopark (Teknokent) project was prepared by the students and their instructors at the Urban Design Studio.


Likewise, Middle East Technical University, Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus Campus was also designed at the Urban Design Studio. This project won the “Raci Bademli Good Application Awards” given by Chamber of City Planners. Among other projects that were developed within the Urban Design Studio course, the “Barrier Free METU” project is still used as a guide to develop the barrier free environment in the METU Campus in Ankara.